Scheduling a blood draw for PROMETHEUS® Anser® IFX, PROMETHEUS Anser®, PROMETHEUS Anser® VDZ or PROMETHEUS Anser® UST is easy

  1. Discuss the need for PROMETHEUS Anser IFX, PROMETHEUS Anser ADA, PROMETHEUS Anser VDZ or PROMETHEUS Anser UST with your patient.
  2. Fully complete a PROMETHEUS Anser Test Requisition Form and give it to your patient.a This is a NEW form to be used with these tests only. Do not use your current Prometheus blood draw order forms.
  3. Make a copy of both the front and back of your patient's insurance card for the patient to give to the mobile phlebotomist.
  4. Instruct your patient to call Client Services at 888-423-5227 to schedule an appointment with a mobile phlebotomistb or to find a designated blood draw site. You may also choose to assist your patient in scheduling a blood draw online by clicking here or clicking "Schedule a blood draw now" above.
  5. Remind your patient to give the completed PROMETHEUS Anser Test Requisition Form to the mobile phlebotomist (or local blood draw center), along with the copy of the front and back of your patient's insurance card.


aCall Client Services at 888-423-5227 for additional PROMETHEUS Anser Test Requisition Forms.
bContracted by Prometheus to draw blood and process serum specifically for Prometheus Anser Tests

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